When it comes to behaviour change and performance improvement at work, there are few things as powerful as 360 feedback or feed-forward to facilitate that change. I can offer a suite of 360° feedback tools from off the shelf all the way through to fully customised, with assessments suitable for use with different employee levels.

This can also be supported with an innovative development planning system called Momentor integrates with your 360 to help your participants at every step of their development planning process.

The benefits of using 360 include:

  • Provides the participant with an opportunity to learn how others perceive them, leading to increased self‐awareness

  • Encourages self‐development

  • Helps increase understanding of the behaviours required to improve both individual and organisational effectiveness

  • Facilitates professional development planning

  • Promotes an open culture where giving and receiving feedback is the accepted norm

  • Increases communication within an organisation

  • Clarifies supervisory and managerial expectations

  • Engages employees in the organisational goals, by increasing their understanding of the behaviours required to help deliver these in their role

  • Repeat 360 assessments provide an efficient measure of progress and a powerful motivator for employees

  • Is a powerful initiator for individual and team change

There a 10 off-the-shelf, research-based validated 360 tools available. These are designed for non-management up to C-suite leaders.

A fully customisable option is also available for clients that need a solution tailored to their exact needs and using their own competency framework.

The 10 tools are:

  • Emotional IntelligenceView360 – based on Daniel Goleman EI model, a competency based 360 measuring; Self Management, Relationship Management and Communication

  • ExecutiveView360 – an in-depth report on senior executives’ strengths and developmental needs measuring Performance, Change, Interpersonal and Personal Leadership competencies

  • LeaderView360 – a concise assessment focused on middle and senior managers measuring Planning, Problem solving, Controlling, Self Management, Managing Relationships, Leading and Communicating

  • ManagerView360 – for supervisory, middle to senior managers who would prefer a more detailed analysis and measuring communication, interpersonal, performance management and problem solving competencies

  • PerformanceView360 – for non-supervisory and non-managerial staff measuring communication, task and inter-personal based competencies

  • SalesView360 – aimed at internal and external sales and account representatives measuring sales, interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies

  • Sales ManagerView360 – aimed at sales supervisors and managers measuring Sales Performance Leadership, Interpersonal Leadership and Intrapersonal Leadership

  • TeamView360 – team based 360 tool which invites each team member to provide feedback on each other

  • Development View 360 – a brief 360 degree feedback tool using a new development response scale (do less to do more) ideal for leaders at all levels.

  • Transformational Leadership 360 – directed at leaders and differentiates between management and leadership abilities and analyses the competencies for each.

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