Carrus is a complete programme designed to assess employability and through that to show people of all ages how to manage their careers and aspirations in the 21st century irrespective of next job or next employer.

The Carrus programme focuses on key qualities which describe Employability. Our research with almost 500 employers showed  that, with Mental Toughness, these are the core areas in which they are most interested. Qualities which are consistently associated with performance, wellbeing and the quickest transition into new and different roles.

The programme assesses, through a measure, 4 areas of ability and 12 aspects of personality based behaviour. The ability section can be separated from the personality based attributes.

Carrus Scales

Carrus is especially useful for those who are about to leave education, NEETs, or those who are transitioning from a long-term career with the Forces or Emergency Services. It provides the person with a great insight into their natural aptitudes, preferences and strengths which can be overlooked.

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