Facet 5 is perhaps the best of the personality profiles that uses the Big 5 personality types used across all profiles like Myers Briggs etc. It was designed to more much more accessible and easy to understand than the others which use very clinical psychological terms.

It’s useful because our personality comes with us wherever we go. This influences how we approach our work and our interactions and relationships with other people. By having a better understanding of ourselves and others we improve our personal, team and organisational performance.

Because it is a science-based, strength-related profile specially designed for coaching it can be a powerful tool for personal development and one many of my clients have benefited from.

The benefits of using Facet 5 include:

  • harnesses the power of personality to help people realise their potential

  • designed with business in mind

  • useful for individuals, teams and organisations

  • uses the Big 5, widely accepted as the best way of describing the fundamental building blocks of personality

  • is very easy to use and interpret, providing powerful insight

Below is a sample of one of the report pages.

To discuss how using Facet 5 may benefit you or your teams please get in touch.

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