These are some of the common problems we solve for our clients:

Corporate Clients

Our staff absence rates are impacting on our performance

We need to support our staff being more resilient and less stressed

Our teams aren’t working effectively together, there is too much silo working

We are spending too much time sorting out interpersonal conflict issues

We need our managers to be more confident and effective having difficult conversations

We need our managers to be able to flex their style more easily and take a ‘coaching approach’ more often


I need my teachers feeling happier and less stressed

I need to cut my use if supply teachers to cover staff sickness

I need to improve my student completion rates

My students need help with their resilience for the year ahead as well as the exam period


I want to be able to cope with stress better and be more on top of things

I want to be more influential and persuasive

I need  better CV and to be more confident and stronger in interviews

I’d like to make better decisions and stop procrastinating as much

I want to be less bothered by what people think

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